What Really Happens When You Workout?

An astounding 58 million people went to a gym or did some sort of fitness regularly in the United States during the year 2015. That is almost 20% of the entire American population. We all go to the gym for one goal, to get fit. Everyone just wants to be happy with their own body but do you really know the science behind what is going on when you lift weights or run on the treadmill? This article will explain what the different types of muscles are, how they are getting worked out, and how working out can turn you from being fat into being ripped.

There are  3 different types of muscles in the human body. The first two types of muscles are known as cardiac muscles which have to do with your heart, and smooth muscles which exist in organs of the digestive system. The muscle type we will be talking about today is known as skeletal muscles. These are the muscles that are connected to bone and associated with movement. The actual muscle tissue that connects to the bone is known as a tendon. Skeletal muscles are what enables us to move as they exert a force on bones which causes them to move in response to signals from the nervous system.

Although everyone knows going to the gym will help you, no one knows how it helps you. After you workout, your body repairs and replaces damaged muscles through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle. The growth of the muscle is caused by the increased number of repaired muscle fibers as they are thicker. So by lifting weights, you are putting strain onto your muscles which is why you usually feel sore. The actual muscle growth happens when you rest rather than while you work out which is why many trainers or professionals take what is known s an “off” day.

This all translates to how you decide to work out. In order for you to truly gain the body you want, you must first understand how the gym will help you achieve your goal. You must know the science behind lifting weights and working out your body. So before you go running off thinking you will be ripped in a week, you must understand this is a long process. In order to truly become fit, you must realize that time is everything and not to overexert yourself, as that is what leads to injuries.






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